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Guess Where?

Guess Where?


Objectives     [back to top]

Receptive Language

Students will answer “yes” and “no” questions.  Students will increase their understanding of basic concepts (prepositions).   Students will make predictions and draw conclusions from situational contexts.

Expressive Language

Students will generate “yes” and “no” questions to gain clues using prepositions.  Students will provide oral descriptions of characters and their actions.  Students will communicate an understanding of basic concepts, such as prepositions.


Students will use continuous phonation and phrasing and pausing at the sentence level.


Product Description     [back to top]

Guess Where? is by the same makers as Guess Who?  This game is also for children ages 6 years and older although I find it to be a bit more complicated than Guess Who? The purpose of the game is to guess where an opponent’s family members are hiding throughout the house before he guesses where yours are. 

The game comes with 2 Fold-up plastic houses, 2 matching sets of 16 Family member pieces, and game instructions in English and Spanish.


Therapy in Action     [back to top]

This guessing game works very much like a barrier game since neither team nor player can see the “house” of the other team.  Guess Where? encourages children to ask general or specific “yes” and “no”  questions about the locations of their opponent’s family members in the game. 


The Speech Pathologist can model typical questions such as, “Is the cat in the bathroom? Is anyone upstairs? or “Are mom and dad in the family room?”.  Play continues until a player gets a “no” for an answer.   


To simplify the game, use fewer family members or use just the upstairs or downstairs rooms.  Vary the number of family members for each student to locate in mixed-age therapy groups.  Enrich the language of the game at the end by having students describe what family members are doing in various rooms such as, “Sister is giving the cat a bath in the kitchen.”


Where to Buy >>>  www.areyougame.com/guesswhere



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