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Last Word


Objectives     [back to top]

Expressive Language

Students will name members of a category by matching words to the categories using key letters.  Students can define the figurative expression, “getting in the last word”.


Students will use light contacts and/or easy onsets while naming words in a category with a specific letter.


Product Description     [back to top]

Last Word is an exciting word race game to have the final say.  The purpose is to advance to the finish square by creatively providing answers that connect letters and subjects while competing with a timer that goes off at random intervals and other players.  Each player draws a subject card keeping it hidden from the other players. 

Then, any player turns over a letter card to begin a round.  All players try to come up with a word that starts with that letter and also fits the category of their subject card.  As soon as any player puts his subject card down first, reads the category aloud, and says a word that fits it, the round has started with the push of the timer. 

Players continue saying words in the first category that start with the letter until time runs out.  The last correct word given wins the round and that player advances one space on the game board. 

There are rules for “Jump Start, Trade-Ins”, and “Challenges”.  Jump Start is a way to challenge other players to come up with answer choices on a new letter without playing a subject card.  The players use their previously drawn subject card to provide one answer. 

The player who calls Jump Start may not participate.  Whoever answers correctly first advances one space.  If no one is successful, the player who started the Jump Start advances two spaces.  A good time to use this strategy is when other players are stuck on a letter.

Trade-Ins are game pieces provided at the beginning of the game that have a once time use.  When a player is stuck on a subject card, it can be used to discard it be replaced by the next one in the deck.

For a challenge, any word choice may be questioned by the group and majority rules as to it’s legitimacy.  If a goofy answer was given that turns out to be the last word, then the previous word wins the round. 

The game is best for about 3rd grade and up, for 2 or more players or team competitions.


Therapy in Action     [back to top]

In addition to the regular rules, there are some alternate ways to play the game for therapy. 

With fluency students, remove the time pressure and play several turns each or until no one can think of any more answers in one category, including jump start rounds.  The letter and subject cards can be used for sound and phrase strategy drills. 

Another version is for one subject card to be drawn and read (rather than everyone drawing one), a letter card turned over, and then the round and timer begins. 

In teams and with a timer, one player could write down answers as provided by other teammates and the team with the most legitimate words wins a round.

Where to Buy >>> www.areyougame.com/lastword


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