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Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions 


Objectives     [back to top]

Receptive Language

Students will answer analysis, synthesis, and evaluative questions.  Students will select mature feeling words (e.g., unphased, disgusted, disoriented, confused) to describe emotions for selected situations.

Expressive Language

Students will ask analysis, synthesis, and evaluative questions.

Fluency, Voice, and Articulation

For fluency, voice, and articulation students, the game focus is on using techniques and strategies while asking and answering questions.


Product Description     [back to top]

Loaded Questions is a group game where the object is to guess what the other players have answered to funny, silly, and serious questions in four categories.  The categories are “What-Ifs, Fill-Ins, No-Brainers,” and “Personals”. 

The roller reads the question (e.g., “If you could be part of any TV-sitcom family, who would you choose?, What is your biggest regret in life?” and “Name one celebrity that has no right to be a celebrity.”) and everybody else writes down their own answer to the question.

The previous roller then collects the answer sheets and reads out each players’ answers. The roller must guess which player gave which answer. For each correct match, the roller advances a space on the board. 


Therapy in Action     [back to top]

For therapy, I often play a quicker version of the game as an “icebreaker” using only the cards in a structured group question and answer format.  Another option is to have all the students write the answers to the same questions and then share them with the group.

For fluency practice, students would ask and answer the questions using a strategy such as continuous phonation. 

More ways to use the cards adapted from Talicor's “Ways to Play the Ungame”:

  1. Answer as if you were younger, older, or your parent.
  2. Use as weekly writing or journaling topics.
  3. Reverse the process.  Have a student provide an answer and the rest of the group guess the question.

Where to Buy >>>  www.areyougame.com/loadedquestions


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