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Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of Doodles


Objectives     [back to top]

Receptive Language

Students will demonstrate the ability to categorize pictures.  Students will increase their ability to identify a given category when provided with visual cues.  Students will demonstrate and understanding of age-appropriate vocabulary.

Expressive Language

Students will increase their ability to name a given category using visual cues.


Students will increase their ability to work with a group or partner cooperatively.   Students will ask for clarification when they do not understand the presented information.


Students will use fluency enhancing strategies, such as light articulatory contacts, easy onset of phonation or prolongations at the word and phrase level.


Product Description     [back to top]

Oodles of Doodles is a fantastic game for your students who are reluctant talkers because so much of the game relies on drawing.  In many ways this game is similar to Pictionary which also requires players to draw and then make guesses about what has been sketched.  The difference between this game and Pictionary, however, is that in Oodles of Doodles students are required to draw between 5 to 8 items in a targeted category.

For example, in the category THINGS YOU READ, students are asked to doodle:  a book, a magazine, a sample e-mail, a map, a recipe, a newspaper, tea leaves, and lips.  Being from a family of art teachers myself, I particularly like this game.  I have also found it particularly successful with my bright, yet shy, students who stutter to get them used to the idea of practicing their speech in a group.

This game includes 200 double-sided category cards, a 90-second timer, a cardholder, a scorecard, a dry erase doodle board, a dry erase marker, and a dry erase eraser.  It is appropriate for students aged 10 years and older but may also be used with your very bright younger students with fluency goals.* The directions say to use the game with at least 3 players but for therapy this is not necessary.

*Note:  Do not use the timer when working on fluency.


Therapy in Action     [back to top]

Each child or team decides who will be the Doodler first and then take turns from that point forward.  The Doodler selects a category card and places it in the cardholder so only he or she can see the list of items to doodle.  Each numbered item on the list must be doodled in the corresponding box on the doodle board.

Unless working with children who stutter, the Doodler has 90 seconds to doodle all of the items on the list.  The other team tries to guess what the doodles are based on the category title, which they can see.  The Doodler is not allowed to use verbal or physical communication, or write the name or initials of any item.   

This is one of those games where you want everyone to win so I don’t play it the way you are supposed to.   I typically give everyone a sticker, their points, or a prize just for trying.

Where to Buy >>>  www.areyougame.com/oodlesofdoodles


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