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Password Junior


Objectives     [back to top]

Receptive Language

Students will identify familiar items/objects when provided with an oral description.  

Expressive Language

Students will describe a given vocabulary word using by using at three relevant attributes, such as color, shape, size, category, or distinctive features.

Fluency and Voice

Students will use continuous phonation and phrasing and pausing at the sentence level.*


*Note:  This game may also be used to work on light contacts, easy onset of phonation, and controlled rate of speech with your students who stutter.  For voice students, it is also appropriate to use when practicing forward tonal focus and easy onset of phonation.



Product Description     [back to top]

This game is one of the old classics that I remember from my own childhood… just easier!Password Junior is designed for two players, but can easily be played in teams. 


Password Junior includes a set of playing cards, leatherette card holders, a spinner, a scoring indicator and score pad.  This game has a total of 250 different vocabulary words that children can describe.


This game is very simple to play.  Students each get a leatherette card holder and one playing card to start.  Students spin the spinner to see which of the words to describe.


Each leatherette card has a clear window that allows students to see their secret password.  Students take turns giving “clues” about their words.  Whoever guesses the secret password first gets the point. 


This game is designed to play with students aged 7 years and older as long as at least one team member can read. 


Therapy in Action     [back to top]

This game is great for encouraging students to become both better at describing and better listeners since it is simple and fun to play.  Often, I will let students choose the words they want to describe rather than using the spinner but either way is fine.


Another modification I sometimes add to this therapy activity is to give each student a describing chart to look at.  By giving them a visual, students tend to give more complete descriptions of the target words. 


For fluency and voice students, this game is ideal for working on techniques at the sentence level.  The reason I like this game so much for these students is because it encourages them to both formulate language spontaneously as well as use their strategies. 


The cards are also great for parents to carry around with them in the car in case this is the only time they have available to practice speech and language skills with their child!


Where to Buy >>>  www.amazon.com/passwordjr



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