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Predicting Outcomes


Predictive reasoning is taking a situation, and based on what you know, trying to determine what you think will happen next.  When you are working with children on predicting outcomes, you can use visual supports such as pictures or verbal (spoken words) stimuli.


When working with younger children, start with simple pictures where a prediction should be easy for the child to identify.  For example, use a picture of a child falling off a bicycle or tricycle.  Ask the child what he thinks is going to happen next.


When reading or telling a child a story, stop after several pages and let him predict what he thinks is going to happen next.  Any answer is acceptable as long as the child has taken into account the information presented to him.  You can stop more than once during the reading of the story and let the child “revise” his prediction based upon the additional information he has received.  This activity involves both reasoning and sequencing skills.


During the day, identify and use situations where a child can practice predictive reasoning skills.



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