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Stuttering is a complex disorder that involves various factors including what the child does, how he feels, and what he thinks about the way that he talks.  Children who stutter often have breaks in the forward flow of their speech, such as repeating the first sound or syllable of a word, stretching out or prolonging sounds in their words, or not being able to say (blocking) the word at all. 

Children who stutter may also avoid or fear speaking, express frustration at being unable to talk, or use other behaviors, such as tapping their foot or blinking their eyes (secondary characteristics) to help get their words out.

Luckily, stuttering is a treatable speech disorder, especially when it is addressed at an early age.  The challenge of stuttering therapy is that it often requires a drill-based approach, which is not always fun for children and adolescents.  For this reason, games and activities that encourage talking can be highly effective and motivating in treating this disorder. 

Recommended games and activities are arranged in a hierarchy by linguistic complexity.  All games are effective for teaching and practicing fluency enhancing techniques.


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