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Objectives     [back to top]

Receptive Language

Students will use problem solving to identify how three items are the same.


Expressive Language


Students will name one or more ways in which given items are the same. 


Students will use fluency enhancing strategies at the phrase and sentence levels.*


Students will use continuous phonation/forward focus of tone at the phrase and sentence levels.



*Note:  This game may also be used to work on prolongations (slide), light contacts, easy onset of phonation, and controlled rate of speech with your students who stutter. 




Product Description     [back to top]

Most of the time I play Tribond with my really bright middle school and high-school students with fluency or voice disorders who need a challenge because this game is hard!  I will also sometimes play it with my adult neurogenic patients, although I don’t see many of these due to my current work setting.  For my younger students I use the “kids” version, although it is really hard to find these days. 


Basically, players take turns giving riddles to each other.  Each riddle lists out 3 items and the other players have to figure out what these items have in common.  For example, if the items were: Saturn, an airplane, and a kite.  The answer would be things you see in the sky.  On the easier version, an example might be: green, yellow, and pink.  All of these are colors. 


Tribond comes with a colorful gameboard, 1,650 riddles on 300 cards, 15 pawns, a regular die and a custom 8-sided die, a large stack of cards, a colorful game board, and a dice.  You can play this game one on one or in a small group.  It is best used with older students, really even college-aged or adults. 


Therapy in Action     [back to top]

As I already said, most of the time I use this particular game with my older fluency abd voice students.  The way I play it, is have them imitate me each time I name one of the words in the riddle, focusing on forward tonal focus, prolongations, easy onsets, or light contacts.  When they give their answers, they are instructed to focus primarily on continuous phonation.


This game can also be played with your secondary students to help with their problems solving skills.  In this case, I would play the game either in a group or on teams.  As with many games, the game board is optional.


Where to Buy >>>  www.amazon.com/tribond

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